Sorting Mum’s Stuff, Th 27 Jul 2017

Looking for the purple-flower vase. It is being picked up tomorrow, for a $50 donation to victims of the fires, Red Cross or Salvation Army. But, I can’t find the vase. I put it on craigslist, along with all the Limoge. But where is the darn vase.

Funny that she collected the three sheep. The biggest one has a couple repaired legs, the little one, I don’t think I am going to find the broken piece, but the middle one is whole and fine. Esther helped Dad raise sheep. Mum only had ceramic ones. Gawd and where is the vase? I think I will keep the middle sheep and after all these years, more than 57, the damaged ones go in the garbage.

I wish I had told her about “stuff” when I was young. Don’t save stuff for me. I am not a collector, I am not a “stuff-type” person. Where is the vase? Someone named Betty actually wants the vase.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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