Found Limoges Purple Flower Pitcher

Darn Limoges. I am no salesman. I received enough responses from craigslist for Great Grandmother Harriet’s china, especially that I was offering it free to a good home, because the only two local dealers I could find did not want it, were awash in old dinner service sets.

But one person, Betty, studied the pictures and wanted the odd-one-out pitcher. While another reader, Lena, pointed out the set is worth $1,500 to $2,000, which was very heartening and helpful. She even sent me a site, sort of a catalogue, that indicated a single cup and saucer could be worth $25! Gem says she will undertake to photograph and sell, so I am off the hook for trying to make space in the condo. Never know when Sam gets it in his head we need to move, always in January, and, between me and my own mother, carting china around for 42 years, and storing it, her mother too, the stuff is like an albatross.

I could not FIND the jug when I had promised it to Betty! What an idiot. I searched everywhere and thought, ‘Hm, maybe I gave it to someone at some point?’ I was putting all the boxes away this morning, feeling terrible I could not find the one piece that someone specifically actually wanted! A box labelled tax and destruction dates that are past–I just assumed we hung on to them past-date, finally opened the box and, voila.

“Wed 3 PM Betty B

Back from trip up north, I have all this stuff out and I CANNOT find the vase. If I manage to find it by nightfall I will let you know to come ahead tomorrow. Let me know that you received this message. Sorry for the delay or the total mix-up if I cannot figure out where it is stored. It is not with the other items. I am doing my best. I’ll message you right back if I can unearth the vase! v.

“Th 9 AM, today, Betty B

Now I am worried that taking down my ad from craigslist means the email doesn’t work. Your daughter’s email is my work-around in case. Anyway.

Attachment, here’s the jug. Good if you found a box, the one I have it in is a shade not deep enough. Doing a bunch of stuff around the place today, cell number.

I’ll come down to lobby whether you ring the suite or my cell number. If I ruined it today, and you have got something else on, don’t worry, it is safely set aside for you. I am glad of your interest in both the jug and victims of the fires.

Spent an evening in Kamloops Monday and the amount of resources the locals are directing at the evacuees, their visitors, is breathtaking. We were running late on our efforts to return home from Prince George so my friend [Kim] and co-driver said, Let’s stay over. A really pretty town and I never knew. Have to hand it to them.


The original ad. I was checking responses on my phone while we were at the lake. No one mentioned contributing a donation in exchange for the china, except Betty, for the jug. One woman mentioned a number of church thrift shop potential places that would happily take it, which didn’t appeal to me as much as passing it on to someone that would appreciate it. Most responses said, “How much do you want?” or had some from their grandmother (which appealed to me), though one parent wanted it for his French major daughter, and a woman is getting married and asked (which appealed to me, too).

“Great grandmother’s Limoges. “Haviland,” Goa, FRANCE, roses design” Providence, Harriet and Archie McCallum, dairy farmers, Huron County, Canada. Asked for dinnerware for wedding gift, received it in spades. If you happen to have a recycler-type?, getting married, this might be an idea. I can return calls only July 27, 28, and then again August 7. Leave a voice message or email and I will do my best to get to back to you. Although “free” will help me get them out of cupboards in small condo–a contribution to victims of the fire, either Red Cross or Salvation Army? I think it may be valuable but only to a rare collector and I cannot find one of those that is not already drowning in the stuff. If no one wants it but has an idea of what I can do with it? (No airgun target practice, and I have seen pieces destroyed nightly in a play too, and that does not appeal). Best idea by September. Thanks.”

Limoges jug, that took me a panicked day to find once I had promised it in exchange for $50 donation to Salvation Army for victims of the fires, Ashcroft, 100 Mile, Williams Lake

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