Gone Totally

She is gone totally and completely. The funeral was on Friday, two weeks after Sam found her dead. She had apparently died on Wednesday, having lay down after dinner and before snack.

Amazing to me, she wrote a list and check-marked, on the bottom of the current notbook paper page is Wednesday Oct 9th/19
Breakfast: waffle & syrup, hard boiled egg, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup milk
lunch: turkey sandwich, apple
snack: cottage cheese
dinner: fillet of sole, mashed potatoes + 1 tsp butter, green beans, 1/2 c milk.
And there the check marks end. snack: cinnamon snaps x2, tinned peaches.

She has lists since August, and blank lists she prepared on notepaper for the next five days, to October . Possibly she ate this stuff. Her fridge had portions of margarine or butter, curls of small finger-nail size, she had peach cups, a half an apple, she had ice cream cups. It wasn’t totally bare, there were regular things, I didn’t examine much as I threw things in the garbage late Friday.

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